The School is closed until September 2012


Dear students, parents, teachers and parishioners of the St Peter-St Paul Russian Orthodox Church!

Administration of the Russian School of Music would like to inform you that unfortunately the school is remained to be closed and is not going to be reopened until September 2012.

The lessons and classes have not been taking place in the original school building in Harold’s Cross since 24th October 2011.  We have tried hard to find a new location for the school since then, and for this reason we collaborated with Dublin City Council, enquired within various religious organisations, community centres and schools.  As a non-profitable organisation our school has a limited budget and could continue in a new place only with the certain conditions of renting.  All our attempts to find the appropriate conditions were failed.  Hereafter the school can be restored only in the original building after all the recovery works are finished and the premises are waterproof protected.

We would like to apologize for all the inconvenience caused.


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